Crooked Reads: Happy Times

Hey, look! It’s a (few weeks into the) new year. Instead of writing about the many things I wish to do to make myself sparkle as a human unicorn, I’m sharing some of my favorite self-help books I read last year.

Because self-help books aren’t always stereotypical and for dummies, and books should never be a guilty pleasure.

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Crooked Reads: New Adulthood

At the grocery store, I panicked as I watched each item hobble down the conveyor belt. All I had for scrimping was a measly “Save $1 on two” coupon for ice cream. Don’t tell my mom. I sighed, forgot to put my card in the chip reader instead of swipe it, loaded everything into my trunk, and texted people with demands to know how they afford to be alive AND happy.

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Review: Binge


Oh, Tyler. You done did it.

This little memoir is a delight. If you’re any fan at all of Tyler Oakley, past or present, you will adore reading Binge. It’s a fun, light read, with just enough seriousness to remind you that he’s a real person with real emotions.

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