Crooked Reads: New Adulthood

At the grocery store, I panicked as I watched each item hobble down the conveyor belt. All I had for scrimping was a measly “Save $1 on two” coupon for ice cream. Don’t tell my mom. I sighed, forgot to put my card in the chip reader instead of swipe it, loaded everything into my trunk, and texted people with demands to know how they afford to be alive AND happy.

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Crooked Reads: The Yellow Edition

As a way to get myself to read and write more, I’m going to do a thing. At least this once, I’m using this space as a reminder of the really great books I’ve read over the last few months, because I keep saying “I just can’t find anything to read that I like,” but that’s simply not true. The following are three books I devoured — something that hasn’t happened in ages.

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