I’m Ashley. A word nerd, outfit repeater, and kitten lover. I once won an award for Most Likely to Copy Edit Your Facebook Status. These days, I design books in the Chicago suburbs and rate my daily walks on if I find a new Little Free Library. I also regularly contribute to Book Riot with stories about my bookish life.

Originally this was a bookish blog: a place to write book reviews and talk about everything related to books. As time went on, it morphed into a place for me to store my words for safekeeping. If you want to get a taste of what I’m about, I’ve compiled my favorites into one handy-dandy space.

Recurring themes: Adulting (my post-college adventures), Crooked Reads (mini book reviews), How to (guides for life things I’ve figured out), Internet (written while I philosophically stroke my nonexistent beard), My Reading Life (yearly book list), Scribbles (for when I just need to write), and Travels (photos and vignettes).

In 2019, I began Crooked Reads, a monthly newsletter to share what I’ve read and written each month.

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