I’m Ashley. A word nerd, outfit repeater, and kitten lover. I once won an award for Most Likely to Copy Edit Your Facebook Status. These days, I copy edit and design a newspaper in the Chicago suburbs and rate my daily walks on whether or not I get to pet a dog (or if I find a new Little Free Library). I also regularly contribute to Book Riot with stories about my bookish life.

I read and listen to a lot of books a lot. A lot. I take pride in my ability to whistle because my brother can’t. I either laugh like a hyena or cackle like a witch, and there’s no real happy (or quiet) medium. I love peaceful train rides, sunny reading spots, and gaudy home decor.

Originally this was a bookish blog: a place to write book reviews and talk about everything related to books. As time went on, it morphed into a place for me to store my words for safekeeping. If you want to get a taste of what I’m about, I’ve compiled my favorites into one handy-dandy space.

In 2016, I started This Month, a quasi-newsletter collecting what I read, what I learned, and what I wrote, and anything else I want to share from a month in the life of a 20-something figuring out this crazy thing called life.

Questions, comments, concerns? Shoot me a message and/or hang out with me on Twitter.