No. 12 | July 2018

Hi. One week last month, Girls Night In suggested buying yourself flowers to enjoy for your Friday night staying in, and the sunflowers I got died instantly. Their death MAY have been aided by a certain kitten trying to smush his face in the vase, but I ain’t pointing any fingers.

That’s kind of how the month felt. Droopy. I went back to therapy after a long hiatus and she said, “I remember last summer was hard for you. I’m glad you’re back.” I’ve been sleeping a lot and going through the motions, but ugh. Hopefully this passes soon.

Anyway. On to the books and stuff!

What I read

I hit a bit of a slump this month. I WONDER WHY. Here are some good reads, though:

Be Brave: An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak by J.M. Farkas: Give me all of the blackout poetry, please and thanks.

I Hate Everyone But You by Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin: An epistolary novel told through emails and texts from two best friends on different coasts during their first semester of college? Could this BE any more up my alley? It is perfect and flawed and happy and sad and I ate it up.

Refinery29 Money Diaries: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Your Finances… And Everyone Else’s by Lindsey Stanberry: My new favorite personal finance book! For millennials, by millennials!

Extra recommended reading: You don’t have to live in public by Austin Kleon. There should be no internet for one weekend a month by Kelly Conaboy at The Cut.

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What I learned

The American Writers Museum is COOL!

Readathons are HARD! I was super stoked about the 24 in 48 Readathon, and after the first day I was worn out. I finished at about 10 hours, which is pretty good, considering my goal was 12! The whole point is to carve out time for reading and to read a whole lot, so even if I only hit one hour, that’s still a win.

What I wrote

I continued my new favorite hobby and rounded up the coolest book covers out in July. There’s still time to get them, of course. I read a bunch of graphic novels and gave you 10 to read in one sitting. Sink your teeth into these space-saving bookshelves so you can fit more books in your life. Oh, and more book cover talk: That one serif font.

And for my friends at Burn Your Faves, I wrote about some weird dating app experiences and one pro-tip after my friend found my profile on an old app!

I’m rounding up my month with what I read and wrote, along with whatever else I want, in an effort to be more mindful of my days. If you’re so inclined, you can subscribe to my blog for emails of each update. A subscribe button is at the bottom of my page.

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