No. 7 | It’s happening

Hi. Long time no see.

Some things have been happening. The world is a scary place and I have been peeking through my fingers at the internet for months. I try to read the New York Times every day, even on the days when it’s hard.

And it’s so hard.

It feels like I am living two separate lives: One as a tough journalist who doesn’t feel her heart break every day as she reads the news. The other as a happy-go-lucky gal who likes reads a lot of books and makes silly jokes and cries at the news. The last few months have morphed these lives, and I take deep breaths so I don’t cry, and I try my best to lift others up.

I’m coming up to the surface and taking big gulps of fresh air. It was just my birthday, and I’m starting my new year now.

Let’s get on to the good stuff.

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What I read

I’m playing along with Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge for the first time! It’s a great way to, you know, get yourself to read harder. Read things you wouldn’t normally pick up. Go beyond your usual genres. It’s fun!

Good books lately: Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn’s Here Comes the Sun, about drama and secrets in a family of strong Jamaican women, was my pick for the Best Book We Read in December. Meredith Russo’s If I Was Your Girl, a breathtaking story about a trans girl becoming the popular girl at a new school in the south, was my pick for the Best Book We Read in January. Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West is a gorgeous story of refugees traveling from city to city through magical doors that appear to take them to safer places. It was my pick for the Best Book We Read in February.

Around the internet: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance was political; if you disagree, you missed the point. Love your library? Support it. Barack Obama loves books, in case you didn’t know. On smartphones: “Too many of us have become slaves to the devices that were supposed to free us.”

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What I did

I saw Hamilton. I marched. I went to Roxane Gay’s event at a local college to talk about feminism and race and politics. She signed my copy of Bad Feminist and I didn’t tell her that I dropped her technical writing class in 2012 after one day because it seemed boring.

What made me smile

Bruce Springsteen wrote a ballad  for Harry Potter in 2001. The internet is the best/worst: Smash Mouth’s All Star, all one note. My library put up a memo about inclusivity and plastered the building with posters about how everyone belongs at the library.

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What I wrote

Sometimes the universe just gives you the book you’ve been needing to read. I’ve been trying to take better care of myself by reading some self-help books, and wrote about some of my favorites for Book Riot: Taking Care of Yourself with Books.

Oh, I’m writing an essay for a book. You can find out all about it at Stacked Books. The skinny: It’s an anthology of personal essays, art, lists, and ephemera about mental health. My bit is about trichotillomania.

Take care of yourselves, friends.

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