Texas is Just So Hot

Sometimes you just need to take five days away from reality, turn off all news blast alerts on your phone, and enjoy life in 105-degree sunshine. Also known as Texas. Also you might nearly pass out from heat exhaustion, so keep hydrated!

My former roommate and I just got back from Austin. It was great! But so, so, so hot. We ate good foods (tacos, donuts, ice cream, repeat), so it was all fine in the end. Except the part the night before we flew back to Chicago when I dry-heaved for a half-hour because all the tacos and donuts caught up to me. But everything else was great!

There’s something magical about experiencing a new place with a person you can be yourself around. Getting lost on the ridiculous highways of Texas isn’t frustrating, it’s hilarious! Ordering what you think is a basket of chicken strips and finding out it’s chicken on top of a donut is a blessing! (But really, bless you, Gourdough’s.)

I’m done traveling for a little while now. I need to sleep. For a week.