No. 1 | Gonna Write a Letter in the Month of May

It seems everyone these days is doing a newsletter. I subscribe to tons of them, and this week, pondered making one of my own.┬áBut I know I ain’t fancy enough for that. I have this blog right here. So, following some formats I love, how about I start doing this thing right here? I’m noodling around with a concept, but the idea is this: Things I read, things I learned, things I wrote. How’s that? It may evolve as time goes on, but, here we are.

What I read:

May was such a good month for filling my brain with words. I love, love, loved Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng, and wrote about it for Book Riot’s monthly roundup. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes left me crying on the floor in a rage. Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History by Florence Williams was an excellent and informative commute buddy (and now I am terrified of plastic). A coworker lent me 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl by Mona Awad and it should be required reading for everyone. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero is the best self-help book I’ve found, and is great on audio.

What I learned:

Book Expo America hit Chicago in May, and with it came a herd of my new internet friends. I learned that being afraid of people you know on the internet is useless because they are so cool IRL. Also, when you have a thing you super love, find the people who also love that thing. Conversations are so easy and comfortable.

I learned that vinegar can be used to clean just about anything.

I learned that letting pasta simmer does not mean put the lid on and leave the heat on high while you sing to your roommate and wash dishes. Especially do not do this when pasta is simmering in chicken broth and cheese and spices because then everything ends up inside your stove.

What I wrote:

I heard a rumbling about Jim Dale narrating a story in Grimm’s Fairy Tales and couldn’t resist writing up a little thing about it. I also compiled a list of books about trichotillomania for Mental Health Awareness Month after hunting for them off and on for the last year or two. And here on the blog, I commemorated a year of living on my own with steps on how to be a successful(ish) adult.

This title brought to you by Arcade Fire’s “Month of May.” Give it a listen:

That’s all. See you next month! Or maybe sooner. Whatever.

5 comments on “No. 1 | Gonna Write a Letter in the Month of May

  1. I love this, it works so well. I often think I want to put life updates in my blog too. Especially perhaps ’cause I’m not on facebook at the moment. Have you seen the film of Me Before You yet? You will cry. A lot.
    I just started the 3rd Robert Galbraith Career of Evil. I had been saving it. They’re brilliant.
    I also got the Arcade Fire reference, and was quite proud. Great song!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! You should totally jump on board and do the same. One of my friends who just started her newsletter said it’s helping her to keep track of her days, and it’s nice to wrap up a month with the things you soaked up. Fancy journaling but for helping you to remember things.

      I have not seen it. I’m not sure if I will! The book was so good but made me so mad and I just don’t know that I want to sob in front of strangers. Haha.

      I’m glad you like those. I struggled with the first and had to switch to audiobook to get through it. I so wish they were more my thing.

      Thank you for reading and writing. <3


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