Things Change

A year ago, I was really into email newsletters. I loved Laura Olin’s Everything Changes, which is now The Awl? I think? Yep. And the archive of Everything Changes exists!

Anyway. The newsletter was neat because it was a surprise in my inbox. Different format / topic / writer / whatever every week. One week, it was a sort of time capsule, but for your personal web calendar. I set a special calendar subject for these events. They are orange. And this years’ crept up on me.

Here are my favorites from that newsletter:

1. For one year from now: March 20, 2016
Title: In the last year, I wanted to ____
Description: [The thing you wanted to do]
2. For one year and a day from now: March 21, 2016
Title: So what are you going to do about it?
3. For November 8, 2016
Title: I recognize that although I want to set the entire political process on fire at this point
Description: Deep down I know and need to remember that I should really vote today. For the Supreme Court if nothing else.
5. For November 26, 2020
Title: What I was thankful for back in 2015
Description: It was __________________. I was adorable back then.
7. For January 1, 2030
Title: Do calendars still exist?
Description: Just curious.

My version of the ones that hit this week: In the last year, I wanted to… Move out, get a cat, live the literary life I’ve always dreamed of. Check, check, check. It’s amazing how it all just fell into place, too. The apartment is great, the cat is great, the literary life thing is great. Life is looking pretty good, 2015 self.

Part two: So what are you going to do about it? About yesterday’s thing. Did we do what we wanted to do? Are we good? Are we strong? Yep. We are. Good job.

It’s a thing I’d love to do every year. It’s a better way of doing New Years’ Resolutions, because the time is kind of forgettable. There’s nothing magnificent about a random week in March (except for my beloved March babies).

Over the last year, I improvised a few of my own future events. Little reminders, like the day after my work anniversary: “Can you believe you’ve had this job for a year? You did it.” This year, I’ll add goals for myself. Even though they’re invisible until the week they occur, simply putting them down with a deadline seemed to do the trick.

* * *

Important to note that the picture with this post is basically the amalgamation of everything I wanted to accomplish in the last year. A scene from a wonderful birthday breakfast my dear roommate made for me. She decorated the kitchen with colors and newspapers. And my curious and feisty kitten was enamored with the candles stuck in the cinnamon rolls. Yeah. Life is pretty good.

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