Making Challenges

Sometimes I do this foolish thing where I make Google Docs of numerous reading challenges and think I can do them in a year.

Sometimes I look at all the reading challenges that exist on the Internet and think I can do them all in a year.

Sometimes I realize I don’t need to follow along with the crowd and should just read what I want to in a year, but that I should at least loosely follow the challenges. You don’t grow if you’re just reading the same things over and over again, you know?

2015 was my best reading year in number (100+ books, hayo), but as far as reading things to broaden my brain, I’m not so sure it was up there. I made progress in reading more diversely (thanks, Book Riot!), but white dudes and gals still dominate my list. This year, I want to change that.

Here are the challenges I am loosely following this year, and every year, to break out of my reading bubble:

My dear friend embarked on the Rory reading challenge (and her kitten’s name is Lorelai, how cute) and wrote about it and I guess that’s sort of what this is. I’m writing it down on the permanence of the Internet so y’all can hold me accountable. I guess I should also write down that I want to make a dent in the 200+ books I own and have yet to read. Shoot.

Related: In case this post escaped you when it made the rounds the first week of the year, here’s Austin Kleon’s list of ways to read more. I might print this out and pin it next to my desk.

Updated a week later: My bookshelves are organized by color. My roommate misplaced her copy of the book she’s currently reading, so I went straight to my shelves to find something to lend to her. Only I couldn’t recommend much — because most of the books I own I’ve never read. I know this is a common thing. But it’s daunting. So, roommate suggested reading through the rainbow. Picking a color per month and reading only books with that color spine that month. Pretty neat, right? We’ll see how this goes.

Updated two weeks later: That’s it. I have found the best list of ways to murder your TBR. Really, truly. It’s all about your own preferences and what you already own. It’s great. Bookish, you are the bomb.

What are your reading resolutions? What reading challenges are you participating in this year?


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