Intern Life by the Numbers


Remember when I was angrily and half-heartedly searching for internships for six months and came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t worth even working for free somewhere? Something magical happened and life dropped a bundle of awesomesauce in my lap. Yesterday was my last night designing lots of pretty and not-so-pretty news pages for a bunch of newspapers, and even though my brain called it quits about six hours too early, it was great.

I learned super important things, like that cute animals sell papers. And that sometimes when you break things, it costs the company a lot of money, and you can’t just hide under your desk and wait for it to go away.

So, without further ado, here’s Internship Life By the Numbers. Like those sports writers do with fun stats from games. I’m not athletic, but whatever. If I were feeling extra creative, I’d use some of these new design skills I’ve acquired to make something pretty. But I’m not. So all you get are some words.


12: Number of weeks I worked full-time, working a job that ended up being even more lovely than I’d expected it to be.

8: Number of internships I technically had in one, designing pages for eight newspapers across the country (but mostly in Iowa). Usually news, sometimes sports, with a sprinkling of features at the end. (I was told I was given the fun stuff so I would like them and want to come back to work when I’m done with school.)

11: Highest number of days I worked in a row. I didn’t know it was 11 until a week later, when a team leader pointed it out. Because I apparently lose my ability to count after working about eight days in a row.

2: Number of holidays I worked. I saw a glimmer of a firework on the Fourth of July from the window 70 feet in front of my desk.

3: Number of times I seriously thought I was going to get fired.

235: Approximate number of times I squealed about cute animals on a page.

2: Number of awkward Freudian slips I had while instant messaging coworkers.

8: Number of times I Instagrammed things at work so people would believe I actually had a job and wasn’t just hibernating for three months.

30: Number of times I went to Starbucks to treat ma-self for doing such a good job of actually waking up and showing up to work every day.

15: Approximate number of times I showed up 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed to be at work, as nervous interns are wont to do.

8: Number of pens I stole from the supply cabinet. Sorry, guys.

1: Number of meltdowns I had under deadline pressure. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life without that oh-god-deadline-is-in-20-minutes-and-I-have-four-pages-to-get-out adrenaline rush would be boring.

If you’re not a newspaper kind of nerd, but a regular kind of nerd, enjoy this nerdy love song that was stuck in my head for most of the month of July:

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