Growing Piles

For some bizarre reason, I thought making a to-be-read-pile shelf on Goodreads (because I don’t actually have a separate shelf for said books. They all intermingle and fight over how many times I’ve read some, while others still haven’t had their spines cracked yet.) would be a good idea. And it has been, sort of.

It’s mostly been making me feel guilty for all the poor books I’ve ended up with that haven’t had the chance to be read yet. They’re kind of like a child tugging at my pant leg, begging for my attention for just a few moments.

I think everyone is accounted for in my 46-member list. I knew there were a lot of loners hanging out on my shelves, but I never wanted to think about pinpointing the exact number. And I’m pretty sure there are still more that have slipped through the cracks.

But this shelf is much better than the 350+ to-read shelf that grows every week. This smaller number is actually attainable. And since I’m such a sucker for crossing things off of lists, watching the number go down is going to provide a little rush for me every time.

Plus I now have an actual goal for this summer: Read a significant number of these books. Most of them are books I was too cool to read in high school (I know, I know, you can shoot me for calling myself and English major and never having read these basic classics, if that makes you feel better about yourself, or whatever) and books I found at thrift stores and couldn’t pass up.

The thing is, I’m actually going to read these 40+ books. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year, but at some point, I will read them. Because when I go to clear out my shelves, I can only get rid of the books that I’ve read and don’t see myself reading again.

The guilt of owning them all and never touching them is killing me. But it’s certainly not going to stop me from finding more at garage sales this summer.

4 comments on “Growing Piles

  1. You always make me smile! :) I feel guilty everytime I bring home a library book, so I’ve set up a reward system for myself. I have to read three of my own books before I can read a library book, otherwise I’m sure my lovely collection of literature would stop speaking to me.


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