Review: Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll

Ok, here’s the deal. I love Fall Out Boy. Even though I go through phases where I listen to their music like it’s the only thing keeping me alive and where I pretend I’m indifferent about them to keep my street cred solid (note: I have zero street cred), I will always love them.

This new album of theirs? Save Rock and Roll? Perfection.

It has everything I love about Fall Out Boy all rolled into one pretty album: Patrick Stump yelling and singing in his pretty voice, chanting, upbeat songs, heart-felt-ish songs, and a splash of angst.

I just love how they’ve metamorphosed from poppy punk to more musically focused, and the return from their hiatus is a blend of the two.

Not to mention featuring other fantastic artists — Big Sean, Foxes, Courtney Love, Elton John — turns awesome to holy guacamole this is too awesome to handle.

My current favorite tracks are “Young Volcanoes” and “Rat a Tat (feat. Courtney Love),” but those are just the two that immediately caught my attention. They’re back-to-back on the track list, moving from a swaying campfire anthem to a thrashing dance anthem.

Let’s just say this album has solidified the band in my 16-year-old heart. Folie a Deux derailed them a bit, but they’re back on track again. I’ve been listening to Save Rock and Roll almost non-stop for about two weeks. I’m just remaining a teenager forever, guys.

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