In which I resolve to become a whole new person

Unlike the rest of the resolution-making world, I wait a while to make most of my resolutions. Or rather, I’ve written them all down on paper and on my infinite mental list, but they won’t be enforced until about three weeks into the year.

I want to give all the resolution failures a chance to give their resolutions the old college try before I begin mine and inevitably crash and burn with them.

Last year, some bad things happened. Come January, I was recovering from my back surgery and was kind of like an infant for a while. Then, I got an iPhone.

Between the two, my productivity went out the window. I was in too much pain to do anything but lay around and I was too addicted to my phone to do anything work-related. I made hefty to-do lists that would only see a few items crossed off, even though most of them were simple, like “email so-and-so about letting you work for them” and “take medicine so your back doesn’t hurt.”

So that’s my first goal of the year: To put down my magical phone that lets me text and tweet and email all at the same time, and opt instead to do something worthwhile with my time. Whether that be homework or reading or sleeping, I win.

The other goal, coinciding with that, is to take care of myself, medically and physically and emotionally.

That means working out — not because it’s what everyone says they’ll do this year, but because my doctor said that’s the only thing that will make me stop being a big baby about my back — and reading and writing a lot more. It’s the only way I know to remain sane and happy.

Oh, and academically. Gotta take care of myself academically. I barely scraped by last semester, so I’ve been researching better ways to get organized and study (because that’s what every college senior should do: Learn how to study with only a year left of doing the job). One blogger says to plan out the week ahead every Friday and I don’t know why I never thought of this. It, in theory, leads to productivity and not surprise 10-page research papers to write the night before they’re due (been there, done that, wanted to jump off the roof).

Essentially, I just need to focus on staying on track this year. I’m constantly leaving lists for things to do, from the simple chores, to the lists of work I need to get done, to the big, life-changing ones, like “Stop worrying about things so damn much all the damn time,” “Keep your head up when you walk,” and “Make eye contact with people when you’re talking to them.”

This year, I hope I’ll start crossing some of those bad boys off.

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