Pitchfork: High-waisted shorts, wet dogs, and infinity guitars

Pitchfork Music Festival was this weekend, and shoot dang, was it a good time. I went Saturday to see Sleigh Bells, Hot Chip, Cults, and Grimes, and pretty much exploded from the awesomesauce of the day, despite the heat, downpour, mud, and more heat.

12:15 p.m. We arrived far too early and wandered around all the tents, making the mistake of signing up for a risqué dating website with the lure of free sunglasses under our (ok, only my) noses. I’m a sucker for free stuff. I also got a Chicago Reader bandana and button, so obviously the day was a success for me.

1:17 p.m. We stood the closest I’ve ever been to a stage waiting for Cloud Nothings to go on and heard a bit of The Psychic Paramount, who is great, from the nearby stage. Made a mental note to listen more when I get home — instrumental bands are the coolest.

2 p.m. Rain. Lots of rain. Cloud Nothings was probably the best band to have playing while the gods rained their fury at us kids and our blasted rock n’ roll. I’d only listened to a few of their songs before the day, and I loved it. Even though some 15-year-old kids were moshing a few yards away from me.

Cloud Nothings: ★★★

2:52 p.m. Atlas Sound played despite the downpour, and I think I fell in love. I stood huddled with three other people under a tiny rainbow umbrella, shivering, during his set. His final words on stage were something along the lines of, “The rain ruined my shit. I love you!” I love you, too, Bradford Cox.

In the silence between bands, I hated everyone who thought ahead and brought colorful ponchos. I scolded myself for not finding one and told myself I’m never allowed to go to another outdoor concert until I have one.

Atlas Sound: ★★★★

2012-07-14 21.27.05
Cults at Pitchfork Music Festival, July 14, 2012

3:20 p.m. Cults, the cutest band I think I’ve ever seen, brought the sunshine to the day. Cue lots of dancing and “La da da da da”s.

Cults: ★★★★

5:15 p.m. Have you ever seen and/or listened to Wild Flag? Because you need to. These women are badass, and not just because they play guitar behind their head. At one point during their set I yelled, “These bitches are my new favorite band!” I love girl rockers.

Wild Flag: ★★★★

6:25 p.m. Holy Sleigh Bells. The best show of the day, hands down. Alexis Krauss is a flawless human being sent straight from heaven. The entire crowd was fists and jumping and dancing and screaming the whole time. I’ve got my A machines on the table, got my B machines in the drawer.

Sleigh Bells: ★★★★★

7:30 p.m. Hot Chip: We danced, we sang, we bounced. Over and over and over and over. Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal. And then we left.

Hot Chip: ★★★★

2012-07-14 13.17.42

8:20 p.m. My favorite and least favorite part of the day: Trying to meet up with people in a crowd. We failed, so we talked to some photogs chillin’ on the side and made mental notes to get press passes for next year. Then we witnessed a girl tweakin’ and watched some crazies climb a tree to have a dance party.

And then I was done for the day. I sat in the street with other exhausted people. I could only vaguely hear Grimes, but from what I heard, she was adorable. And then I got a free 5-pound bag of gummy worms.

Grimes: ★★★

I also had the coolest experience of my life to date at Pitchfork: sprinting through a train station to catch a train and shoving people out of the way and screaming MOVE! as I jumped over a bench.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. Festivals will forever be one of my favorite things in the world. Being surrounded by music all day and milling from stage to stage is perfection.

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