National Grammar Day: A love story of sorts

In case you haven’t heard, March 4th is National Grammar Day, aka the best holiday for word nerds.

I spent my morning pondering what grammar means to me and ended up reminiscing about fifth grade when I got a 103 percent on a grammar test I hadn’t studied for. You jealous? Intimidated? It’s ok if you’re not, I guess.

Ten years later, that’s not exactly the case; language for 21-year-olds is a bit more complicated than language for 11-year-olds. Especially when you throw in AP style and other styles and ARGGHHH. But I love it anyway. It just gives me more books to love.

I love learning new rules or finally tackling ones that have left me enraged for months. Example: who vs. whom, good vs. well, etc. Grammar Girl and The Elements of F*cking Style have been my saviors, if only so I can reference them on the rules I have burned in my brain yet still forget how to use.

I wish more people were in to (Ack, there’s another one I always mess up. Always.) language and grammar and all of its quirks. More than just making images saying, “Punctuation saves lives: The difference between Let’s eat, Grandma! and Let’s eat Grandma!” or “Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.” Or harassing people on the Internet for using incorrect grammar… And being incorrect themselves.

Although, if that were the case, my job would be fruitless. I am a copy editor. I bleed pink editing ink (That’s my thing –– I use a pink pen when I’m editing; red is too harsh) and if I couldn’t mark up a page, life would be sad. As would my pen. I get a little thrill every time I’m reading a story and catch an error I get to change.

However, I cringe and/or flinch when I read a peer’s essay in class and find a mountain of errors. I’m not kidding. It’s an embarrassing reflex and I can’t help it.

Following a ton of word nerds on Twitter has led me to believe the entire world adores this day. Note the wonderful haikus on Twitter: #GrammarDay.

But I’m kind of glad it doesn’t. Word nerds make jokes that only other word nerds understand and giggle at. And I love it.

So have a happy Grammar Day. “March forth” and correct every mistake you see in books, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc. that you come across today. It will feel awesome.

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