Review: Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing


Grammar Girl is officially one of my heroes, starting now. Well, yesterday.

I always love learning about grammar, and this book makes it even more enjoyable. It’s chock-full of witty jokes and cute examples to help understand the wacky rules of language. Plus, it’s not written like a boring manual. She talks about Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson, so it’s entertaining AND educational. What a combo.

She starts off with a chapter about all the rules that are commonly destroyed, like affect vs. effect or the difference between like and as. This section is perfect. I have a ton of sticky notes inside these pages for future reference, since I mix most of these up constantly. She gives reasons for why one is correct or the regional differences between words. This is the kind of thing that excites me, guys. American English and British English are only a tiny bit different. It’s cute.

She then gives the basics, from start to finish, of writing a work––be it a novel, an essay, an email, or a text message. From punctuation to tone, it’s marvelous. You’ll never write an email to your boss saying, “Sup, bro?” ever again. (Or maybe you will; it’s not really up to Grammar Girl or me to determine that.)

This book is just fantastic. It was a fun read for a word nerd, and I think everyone needs to read it, or at least glance through it, once.

My friends at work made fun of me for reading this book, only reading GRAMMAR GIRL emblazoned across the cover. They asked if it was a story about my life. Then they suggested we should write a book about the Adventures of Grammar Girl and Style Guy. It’s going to happen one day, folks.

So what are you doing? Go pick up a copy and learn how to be a better writer. Or a better editor. Or whatever it is that you do with words. It’s fun, I promise.

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