Blink-182 grows up with newest album

Blink-182’s sixth album, Neighborhoods, is well worth the eight-year wait since the last album.

The band has seriously evolved in that time, writing music with deeper meaning than how many hot dogs their grandpa ate on Labor Day.

Those eight years allowed a lot of changes to occur. Tom DeLonge created the electronic Angels & Airwaves, and Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker formed the pop-punk +44. Neighborhoods embodies the mashing together of those two groups and matured understandings of music.

The album isn’t as upbeat as the band’s earlier work, or as serious as 2003’s self-titled album, which makes it has the perfect amount of spunk and mellow jams.

The first single, “Up All Night,” takes some getting used to. The band is actually, like, musically talented as a whole now.

Hoppus and DeLonge aren’t just yelling about first dates and naked girls anymore. They’re singing eloquent poetry about adulthood.

Every song has something different to offer. “Heart’s All Gone” is overpowered by Barker’s intense drumming. “Snake Charmer” has DeLonge’s eerie sound and lyrics. “MH 4.18.2011” is full of Hoppus’s encouragement to “Hold on, the worst is yet to come.”

I’ve had the album on repeat for the majority of the week, and I can’t pick any favorites–just songs I love a teensy bit more than I love the rest.

This new Blink is fantastic. Whether you were a teeny-bopper fan who grew out of it or have stuck with the band through its evolution, you need to give it at least one listen-through.

Review originally published in the Sept. 30, 2011, issue of The Verge, the weekly arts and entertainment section of The Daily Eastern News.

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