Review: Perfect Fifths


Wow. Ok. This book is fantastic. Before I started reading, I checked some reviews to see what to expect. Most people said the book read like fanfic, the series has done nothing but go downhill, the book should not have been written at all, etc.

I thoroughly disagree. I couldn’t put this down, but when I had to as sleep called for me, I had nonstop dreams about it.

Now, this could probably be attributed to my love for Marcus Flutie. You know, the dreamy ex-dreg who writes poetry and who has been with 40-some women, but only one has ever mattered to him. And then the fact that Jess is someone I would be best friends with. Perfection.

So, three years after Jess turned down his marriage proposal, Marcus is stunned to hear her name called on the intercom in the airport. It could just be the porn star who happens to share a name with his ex-lover, he thinks. He takes the chance of seeing her and she literally runs into him as she sprints to her gate. She misses her flight and all signs from the heavens push them together again, especially the congregation of the Barry Manilow fan club in front of her. They spend the rest of the day together, small talking it up at a coffee shop. They tell stories from their past and stories of their recent successes. And then they fall back into how they were before their relationship crumbled years ago, as if three days were a mere three days.

I giggled like a girly girl through the last half of the book. I gasped and blushed and giggled some more as I got to see Marcus’s point of view, one I’ve been dying to hear since the first book.

Megan McCafferty did a great job of ending this series. I’m sad to have finished it, though; I’ve been holding off reading Perfect Fifths since I got it a few years ago, just delaying the end of the series in my mind.

Obviously, anyone who has read the four books preceding Perfect Fifths needs to read this one. It’s, well, a perfect ending to a bitchin’ series.